Wapenboek online dating

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Wapenboek online dating

Kleijn, goes on to describe two other Daams coats of arms which date back to the 16th century.

You may wonder how a mere student came to have a coat of arms.

The earliest representations of distinct persons and regions in Egyptian art show the use of standards topped with the images or symbols of various gods, and the names of kings appear upon emblems known as serekhs, representing the king's palace, and usually topped with a falcon representing the god Horus, of whom the king was regarded as the earthly incarnation.

A medieval chronicle states that Geoffrey was given a shield of this description when he was knighted by his father-in-law, Henry I, in 1128; but this account probably dates to about 1175.Notable examples include the toads attributed to Pharamond, the cross and martlets of Edward the Confessor, and the various arms attributed to the Nine Worthies and the Knights of the Round Table.These too are now regarded as a fanciful invention, rather than evidence of the antiquity of heraldry."In green a silver swan with a red bill and black spots and a red neckband; and in a blue shield two golden stars next to each other. Although he notes that it is not possible to be certain, the coat of arms described above is the one most likely to be related to Mom's family. That is not the one painted for our family 50 years ago. Kleijn: "In silver, a red crossbeam, on the right side of a black anchor; and on the left side of a green bird with a leafy branch in its beak." This is the image that I recall from my childhood, when the watercolor hung in an upstairs room in the house where I grew up. Kleijn's research came from a manuscript entitled, "Wapenboek van de Gelders-Overijsselse Studentenbond" ["Armorial of the Student Union of Gelder-Overijssel"], which lists the first coat of arms described above as that of a Henricus Daems, from Deventer in the Netherlands, living in Leiden in 1656 as a student.Helmet: the head with neck and breast of the swan with the neckband." This is one of the Daams coats of arms described by an archivist in a letter to Mom's cousin Jasper in the red notebook. The researcher found the design depicted in the painting in a quarter-chart in the records of the Museum of Leiden.

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Interesting to speculate, but does it really matter in today's digital age?

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