Updating yellow pages listing for businesses

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Updating yellow pages listing for businesses

We do not resell customer information that we buy from third parties.

As a provider of local, long distance, and Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo IP) services, we use customer information as outlined above under General Practices.

Recording, reviewing or monitoring of your interactions with Century Link.

For quality assurance, training and online session analysis we sometimes review your interactions with us.

If a customer activates a "call trace" feature, we will record the number of the calling party.

And when we are your Internet service provider (ISP), we maintain logs of the total volume of data a user transmits, and the date, time and length of time that a user accessed the Internet through our services, including the user's IP address at the time.

We also save the text of "click to chat" sessions with our online sales and service consultants and may save screen shots when customers give our repair personnel remote access to their computers for technical support. We record information about usage of our networks or systems.

When customers sign up for service, we ask for their name, street address, email address, how they want their listing to appear in phone directories and directory assistance, and contact information.

We may ask for date of birth, social security or driver's license numbers (to confirm identity or determine creditworthiness), billing information including whether bills should be sent by mail or set up for online access, and bank account or credit card information if a customer elects to pay electronically.

We may keep some of this information and use it for future marketing purposes even if a customer does not complete an order with us and your submission of that information is deemed consent to our use of the information as contemplated in this privacy policy.

We also keep notes of contacts we have with our customers.

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It also happens when we bill for a business, such as a long distance company or other type of service provider.

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