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Markets also find themselves in a tough spot, says our call of the day.

Kodak’s monster gains show there’s a killing to be made by trading blockchain news Remember, it’s about trading, not investing, so you need a proven method Remember, it’s about trading, not investing, so you need a proven method, says Nigam Arora.

Warren Buffett says bitcoin will ‘come to a bad ending’ Tax cut not fully baked into equity prices, Buffett says Billionaire investor Warren Buffett isn’t betting on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies.

S&P 500, Nasdaq log first down day of 2018 as all major stock indexes drop 10-year U. yield rises further above 2.5%The S&P 500 and Nasdaq log their first decline in 2018 as traders kept an eye on U. bonds following an accelerated rise in the yield on the 10-year Treasury note Dimon’s many bitcoin moments of regret, in one chart JPMorgan Chase boss tells Fox Business Network he regrets calling the cryptocurrency a ‘fraud’ Jamie Dimon appears to have one major resolution to kick of 2018: stop bashing bitcoin.

‘Fraud.’ ‘Not willing to pooh-pooh.’ A list of what Wall Street CEOs have said about bitcoin Seems not a day goes by without some Wall Street VIP or financial luminary deciding it’s time for them to weigh in on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a roundup of the latest high-profile statements.

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Cryptocurrencies to draw more power from the grid than electric cars Impact on crypto mining on power grid bears watching, analysts say Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that mining for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin would suck more power from global electric grids this year than electric vehicles would draw in the next seven years.

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