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Sex dating in oakville michigan

He was replaced by Jay Jackson, who was himself succeeded by Bob Laine later that year. Several holdovers from the pre-rock era remained on the CHUM schedule when the station went Top 40 on May 27, 1957."Hit Parade" was on at 9 a.m., followed by "Who Am I? The Johnny Lombardi Show (Italian) was on from 1-2 p.m.CHUM had a three-hour block of foreign programming from 7-10 p.m.Then Walter Kanitz was on with the "Continental Carousel" (described as "songs and stories with a European flavour") from to p.m.Ladd continued as CHUM program director until May 1958 when he was replaced by Allan Slaight.In 1960, Ladd was hired to do programming for WONE Pleasantville, New Jersey.

He left the airwaves in February 1959 to go into CHUM sales, and was replaced in the late-morning shift by John Spragge. The man born William Joslyn Kingerley arrived at CHUM in 1951, hosting a show called "CHUM Valley" (he also appeared on "The Johnny Lombardi Show"). Kingerley died in California on July 18, 2006 at the age of 77.) The Glasgow-born Stone was hired by CHUM to do public relations work in February 1949 but wound up on the air when the regular host of the show Sports Roundtable was having trouble showing up reliably.

This wasnt an act on Spragges part, he was genuine in his affection for his listeners.

CHUM held movie premieres and all sorts of other promotions for Johns gals.

Despite that he decided the new format was perfect to shake up his station's ratings, which had been anaemic since the station's founding in 1945.

So despite reaction ranging from scepticism to outright hostility, Waters made the move.

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n October, 2003, legendary CHUM deejay Bob Laine retired after 45 years with CHUM Ltd. Laine - with the help of long-time producer Doug Thompson - soon began the lengthy but fascinating task of sifting through CHUM's enormous archives, dating back to the station's beginning as a Top 40 station in 1957. Launching what became Canada's leading Top 40 station, Phil Ladd, Harvey Dobbs, Josh King, Phil Stone, Pete Nordheimer and Hank Noble were the jocks on CHUM's first day of hit parade programming on May 27, 1957.

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