Leo woman dating aquarius man kæreste Aabenraa

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Apart from that, things can be a lot more complicated depending on the contents of your separate Birth Charts, which contain 10 planets.Just think of how many possible variations that can give. If you are under 30 years of age your relationship will be Moon Sign based, rather than Sun Sign based - so could last a long time at that level.If her ego is hurt somehow she will not think for once before ending the relationship.

The Aquarian man should particularly be very careful while talking to his Leo lady as Leo women are extreme egoists.

--------------------------------------YOUR FUTURE : SUN IN LEOWith Sun in Leo you are learning how to control the impulsive nature of Fire energy to achieve longer term goals - especially in support of those who have less self confidence, like helping "children" become more self reliant.

You will be especially drawn toward having your own business.

Weaker people will come to you for help and guidance, and you will be drawn to have your own business because you will not like taking instructions from others.

You are not too good with numbers and routines, so might need some sort of partner to help with this area - such as an accountant.

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Both require a certain type of personal freedom in life.