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Lin reportedly also said that she did not know Chen on a personal basis.

The fight between Hong Kong actor Edison Chen and Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling was boiling online!

It demonstrates greater acceptance that women have the right to have sex before marriage and this behaviour does not automatically lead to them being shamed anymore. casual sexual encounters, are increasingly common and accepted among men and women.

The fact that more and more Chinese women are delaying marriage is another factor that motivates women to seek sex before marriage.

Chinese women are increasingly gaining sexual liberty and more rights over their own bodies.

But even for China’s young generation, sexual capital, power relations among sexual partners and the difficulty of choosing spouses continue to influence dating culture and intimate relationships – whether they enjoy being able to date for sex or not.

Love-based relationships can thus provide more protection to women who are sexually active before marriage, and help them legitimise their sexual behaviour.

Beyond the discussion of his infidelities, Wu’s casual sexual behaviour was not subject to much criticism, contrary to Edison Chen and his partners, where the public debate became a trial of morality.

Social media like the dating app Momo and the messenger We Chat have also made it easier for them to find dates.

Although not all Chinese women feel this way, for many pre-marital sex is an opportunity to assert their rights to sexual freedom.

Nevertheless, the discussion around Wu Yifan’s female fans exposing his physical and emotional deception is still closely tied to the fact that they believed they were in a love relationship with Wu.

This increasingly positive attitude towards sex can be seen in both young men and women, and it has become much easier to assert one’s own sexual rights in public.

In such an environment, the main topic of public discussion around Kris Wu is not the women’s sexual behaviour, but Wu’s practice of having sex with multiple partners.

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One of the more popular theories reported by Hong Kong media seems to be that Lin had probably offended a close friend of model Qin Shupei, who is rumoured to be dating Chen.

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