Dating navy guys

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Dating navy guys

The Navy ALMOST always sends us to live in lovely places located on a coastline. Navy is the proud owner of some of the most stunning beachfront properties in the world: San Diego, Pearl Harbor, Pensacola, La Maddalena (Italy, which has sadly been closed), Virginia Beach, Charleston, Whidbey Island, just to name a few.

Navy = ships, and for the most part, ships = water. Admittedly, some of you may be stationed at a landlocked base for a shore tour, but hang in there, Navy spouse.

After not seeing him for three months, all I wanted to do was throw myself at him and give him a really big, slobbery kiss.

But forget about the kissing; I couldn't even hold his hand or hug him. I feel like all military girlfriends should stick together.

Cadets posted so many hate comments about how the girl who made it was a "crazy and clingy girlfriend," even though the video was clearly satire.

A friend of mine posted a blog post about being a West Point girlfriend, and it has already shown up on Yik Yak with the caption, "I feel bad for these cadets."These boys are busy. It's been spent on care packages, dresses for balls, plane tickets, hotel rooms, etc.

Your shore tour won’t last more than three years and you’ll be back to surfing, snorkeling and fun at the beach in no time!

Oh, and he's in the army."People probably don't give a sh*t about my boyfriend's job, but I will tell anyone and everyone how proud I am of my cadet.

However, girlfriends who have boyfriends currently in service or deployed think the academy girlfriends aren't real military girlfriends.

It's true that for four years, I won't have to worry about deployments or having my boyfriend stationed to another country.

On those days when you, a usually proud Navy spouse, are having trouble remembering why military service is such a worthy career, here is a list that is sure to bring a smile to your face, a laugh to your belly, and maybe even a tear to your eye.

Because even on the bad days, it’s good to remember the benefits, the heritage, the tradition, and those things that are just plain about being married to a sailor!

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Their days start at around 6 am and end at midnight. As a West Point girlfriend, I am very close to other West Point girlfriends. I don't get to see them at events, have late-night group chat talks with them or share my experiences with them.

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