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Many of you have heard “Vogue” magazine which is known as a best-selling magazine, but the lady behind the success of “Vogue” is mysterious and at at the same time notorious in her own way.Longtime editor-in-chief in Vogue magazine and demeanor which earn her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour,” no one knows the in and out of Fashion week better than Anna Wintour.He also writes about education policy, journalism, urban planning — about everything, really — at Mr. Wells belong to the group of Anglo-Americans who imported Oxbridge wit and Fleet Street wiles to New York media in the 1970s and 80s, when the BBC had tapped Mr. Foges sits on the board of his friend Lewis Lapham’s quarterly history publication.Their Bank Street home was once a legendary hangout for Martin Amis, Christopher Hitchens and Anna Wintour, but the two have adapted nicely to Park Slope, the new capital of civilized literati. In between hurling epithets at Donald Trump and thinking up new names to call Abe & Shirley Rosenthal, the pair made the magazine a media success if not a business one.She also came in TV series The Fashion Fund season 2 with the opportunity to ten designers to get a chance to work along in fashion industry.

Caption: Picture shared on Instagram by Anna Wintour with her boyfriend surely define how much happy they are together.If yes, did her married life got ruined by an affair? The pair love life was going well and gave birth to two children; Charles in 1985 and Katherine known as bee in 1987.Anna Wintour married life with husband David Shaffer didn’t last long as they led their relationship to end up in a divorce.Never ones to succumb to ordinary tradition, the two only married when Ms. And when she was pregnant with their first they co-wrote Mr.Lemann is the dean of Columbia journalism school and known for his well-meaning attempts to intellectualize what’s essentially an extortionate racket to get recent college grads into debt. Wells has been editing at since Sir Harry Evans asked her to, and Mr.

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With her popularity, Anna has a net worth estimated at around 35 million dollars with an annual salary of 2 million dollars.

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